Some frequently asked questions:

  • Can you update my domain records/configuration or get me removed from a blacklist?

No.  The domain records and configurations are pulled from other sources (such as domain registrars or DNS servers). has no way to change these settings.  See the specific help files for information about where the information comes from and how to change it.  The blacklists are run by other entities and this system just checks if an IP address is on the list and what response they provide.  Contact the specific list operator for more information.

  • We are locked out, how can we get access again?

Just wait.  There is a rate limiter that times out.

  • Why am I blacklisted from a whois server?

You re not blacklisted.  Due to the large number of requests from most whois servers block the requests.  Visit the registrar’s site directly (see the whois help file for more information).

  • I want permission to make large numbers of requests.

The system is not set up for large numbers of automated requests.  We avoid CAPTCHA screen and allow direct access but this results in this site being blacklisted or rate limited from many whois servers.  The e-mail “validation” script, for the most part, does not actually “validate” and e-mail address.  If an invalid domain or bad e-mail configuration then the system can show an invalid address but most servers have turned off accountant validation commands so the purpose of the tool is to see how a server responds, not to actually “validate” an address.  Most other functions can be done using local scripts if you need automated responses. has a set of Windows tools.

  • Will there be IPv6 Tools?

Yes, but no date is set yet.

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